Photo sets from Kevin and Jen's Family Wedding

These are photographs taken from our family wedding: notice how happy the Bride and Groom are! It was deliberately kept a small family affair, with only 17 people in attendance.

The people in attendance were: Kevin Hartmann, the Groom. Jennifer Plank, the Bride. Faron Langon, the Officiant.

Kevin's family:

Jen's family:

Our good friends Beverly and Vincent Ortega acted as the photographers, chauffers, music co-ordinators, and general sanity keepers for the entire event.

Special, heartfelt thanks go out to Kevin's father, who was invited, but who was not expected to attend, but who valiantly managed to show up anyway, due to extraordinary effort on his part.

To come to our wedding, Kevin's dad had to leave the side of his dying grandson, Nate. Sadly, Nate did not survive his battle with cancer, and passed away a few weeks following the wedding, but he did live to see his final wish, his sixth birthday.

To make it to the wedding, Kevin's Dad flew in from Winnipeg for the day.He drove in from the outskirts of Winnipeg, caught an early morning flight to Toronto, rented a car, drove to Hamilton, waited alone for two hours at the Royal Botanical Gardens for the wedding party to arrive, catching the bride and groom totally off guard, and then had to leave the reception early to drive his rental car back to Toronto to catch his flight home the same evening.

Sadly, Jen's father and mother did not attend our wedding.

The Photo Sets

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